Outlander season 4 episode 7 expectations: Brianna, Roger, and Bonnet

OutlanderWhat are some of our personal Outlander season 4 episode 7 expectations? With the episode coming up on Sunday at midnight for app viewers, what better time than the present in order to explore that a little bit further?

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1. What’s happening with Brianna – This episode will kick off with her beginning her epic journey to the past, one that is likely going to take her down a few surprise roads. This episode will give you a pretty fantastic opportunity to almost re-live the adventure and danger of the first season, but through the eyes of a new character. There could be some happier moments in this storyline, but also eventually some devastating ones at the same time. Expect some familiar characters from the first few seasons to appear in some shape or form — though there could be at least one notable change from the books due to scheduling. Even with the changes we’re still confident in the story’s ability to deliver.

2. What’s happening with Roger – One thing that we’ve come to know over time is that he clearly loves Bree, even if he doesn’t always have the best way of showing it in the world. This is a guy who just has a tendency to not be able to express all the words that are in his heart and after Bree’s departure to the past, he’s not going to have any choice but to take action. He’s going to follow Brianna into the past, but what he encounters there could be a very different experience from the one that she has. This will be a good test of their love story — how far will Roger go for the sake of finding the woman he loves?

3. What’s happening with Stephen Bonnet – Almost certainly nothing good. We’ve already learned that Jamie and Claire made a terrible mistake in the premiere allowing this guy to go free. They trusted him to not pillage and rob them, yet that is precisely what he did. Now, he is going to be involved in another story where he could inflict some serious damage. The producers are keeping his role fairly tight-lipped to non-book-readers, though; there were no photos released of him in advance of this episode (check out our full photo preview over here) and he was only featured briefly in the episode’s promo.

Rest assured, this is a huge episode — especially if you are a Richard Rankin / Sophie Skelton fan. You’re not going to want to miss it.

What are some of your personal Outlander season 4 episode 7 expectations? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Starz.)


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