Supergirl season 4 episode 10: What do we want to see next?

Supergirl season 4 episode 3Want to know some of what’s coming on Supergirl season 4 episode 10? While The CW has kept a lot of details under a lock and key, consider this a roadmap! Entering the second half of the season, there are a few things that we know for sure: Agent Liberty has been locked up, Manchester Black has been curtailed, and Supergirl herself is out of a job at the DEO.

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Below, check out a few of our expectations in written form, and of course, we want to hear some of your own in the comments at the bottom of this article!

1. A prominent role for Lex Luthor – The series already cast Jon Cryer in the part, and as polarizing as that casting may be, it’s going to stink royally if The CW got him on board for just a couple of episodes. We’d like to have him around for at least five or six episodes by the end of the season. He deserves that much time to shine, especially when it comes to putting him and Lena Luthor in some scenes together. We really need to see some of what that influence looks like on the show.

2. Presenting Alex with a larger story – One of our frustrations with the first half of season 4 was that, other than challenging the new hierarchy at the DEO, there wasn’t all that much for Alex to do — especially outside of the job. We’d like to see her trying to go rogue (while under the radar) to still find a way to help Kara on missions. Even though Supergirl may not be an official employee anymore, the Danvers sisters are the Danvers sisters. They’re a fundamental part of the show. Also, it’s constantly rewarding to get to see Alex in some different roles outside of the job.

3. Offering up a message of some sort of hope – While there are a number of little things that we are interested in seeing, whether it be the development of Nia’s powers or getting a chance for more brilliant Brainy comic relief, we do recognize that when the dust settles here, Supergirl is really a show all about hope first and foremost. That’s what Supergirl herself represents, and we really hope that the writers find a way to bring people together in National City after the chaos caused by the Children of Liberty. Aliens and humans have to find a way to inhabit the world together, and we certainly hope that there is a possibility now to do just that.

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Stay tuned; we’ll have even more news regarding Supergirl during the hiatus. (Photo: The CW.)

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