NCIS season 16 episode 11 review: Was anyone fired? Torres, Bishop’s moment

Mitch Pileggi

Tonight, NCIS season 16 episode 11 kicked off 2019 with an episode that was different than many others — and we say that as a compliment and then some.

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What was so fascinating about “Toil and Trouble” was that structurally, it played out in a far more non-linear fashion than we tend to see from some other episodes. We started off with Gibbs and McGee in the hot seat thanks to Secretary of Defense Wynn Crawford, who was enraged with the agents not following his orders. The two were working on behalf of Gibbs and the remainder of the NCIS team in order to ensure that they could uncover chemical weapons that were being used — these were ones that Secretary Crawford wanted to imagine weren’t actually out there and through most of the episode, it took some convincing to have him believing otherwise.

Yet, through a complicated scheme — which included McGee and Torres hacking the Pentagon and also undercover work and trickery — they were able to find the truth. NCIS found the proof. There were actually some chemical weapons that were still out there and Secretary Crawford, as it turned out, was too close to the situation to be aware. He didn’t realize that a friend of his was a little dishonest with what he was and wasn’t doing with chemicals — he thought that they were destroyed when it wasn’t the case.

Because of everything that happened tonight, Gibbs and a number of other characters came very close to being fired. Yet, by the end Secretary Crawford admitted that he made some mistakes, and because of that the two parties

Torres almost tells Bishop the truth

Tonight brought us perhaps closer to something real happening between the two characters than we’ve seen to date. After what they went through in this episode, including a text-message fiasco that ruined a date Ellie was going on, Torres apologized and offered to make things right. Yet, in the process of doing that Bishop questioned him about his motives and whether or not they really had all that much to do with the case at hand. It was very easy to tell that there was something a little bit more to it and that led to Torres almost admitting his feelings to her … or at least that’s how we took it. they’re getting closer to something, but they’re not quite there just yet.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole NCIS season 16 episode 11 brought us an intense story with a great guest star in Mitch Pileggi, plus a non-linear brand of storytelling that worked very well. While much of this was exciting, it is the big ending involving Bishop and Torres that could stick with some viewers out there.

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