Bull season 3 episode 10 review: The conflict of confession

Bull season 3 episode 1Tonight, Bull season 3 delivered the final episode of the season in “A Higher Law” that was, as a whole, very much powerful. It was about a priest who found himself in a precarious position — accused of murder for a crime that he didn’t commit. Yet, the problem here is that he couldn’t tell the jury all of the information that he needed. Why is that? The person confessed the murder to him, and Father Andy was bound by confession to not say a word.

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Bull and Benny took on this case early on in the episode and, on the surface, it did not appear as though the two stood much of a chance here. Father Andy was steadfast in his faith and his belief — he wasn’t a perfect man, though, as he had a history of drinking that had landed him in trouble in the past. Not only that, but he was found driving the church van intoxicated … which he had done after being told of the confession. Nobody on the jury was inclined to believe him. To make matters worse, he ended up being found in contempt of court after he refused to answer questions about the confession.

The question that eventually arrived on Bull and TAC’s doorstep was this: Was there going to be a way to find the responsible person without Father Andy doing anything? Basically, they had to find who was driving that van using some investigative work. With that in mind, Danny went to work and eventually, the name Jacob came up. He was a young, mostly-good kid who had just found his way into Harvard. Yet, he made a horrific mistake, ended someone’s life, and then made another in driving away. He refused to call the police on himself.

The fact that Jacob was a seemingly-good kid is something that TAC was able to take advantage of. His guilt caused him to confess the first time and because of that, they were able to get him to confess again — this time in court. Andy was able to get off without a murder charge and because of that, he moves forward. To think, the priest overseeing Father Andy was ready to bail on him for the good of the church…

CarterMatt Verdict

William Sadler was brilliant tonight as Father Andy, a man who was willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the faith that he held dear. This was a powerful, fascinating story about what it means to believe in something. It also gave us a great scene for Michael Weatherly at the end of the episode, as he reminded us of his heart attack and how, at that moment, he didn’t actually see anything. He didn’t have that faith and he envied Father Andy for what he did … though he did have a lot of self-awareness that he may not end up in the same place as Andy at the end of his life.

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