NCIS season 16: Why Mark Harmon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

Mark HarmonWe’ve all heard the rumors, time and time again, that Mark Harmon could be leaving NCIS at some point or another. Yet, how often are they actually true? Here’s a hint — they rarely ever are. These rumors are mostly just a way to get people talking, and typically they amount to almost nothing when the dust actually settles. There’s no real evidence that the series lead, otherwise known as the man behind Gibbs, is going anywhere. Also, there never really has been.

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So why do we think Harmon’s future is secure for at least the near future on NCIS? Below, we’ve got a trio of very-important reasons worth looking at a little bit fuller.

He’s under contract through season 17 – This is the obvious reason. Why would Harmon leave before his contract his up? He obviously signed this two-year deal at the end of season 15 with the intention of sticking around, and of course we firmly expect him to do so. Sure, occasionally actors do leave in the middle of contracts, but there are often some super-specific reasons for it.

The obvious financial benefits – It feels almost like a given to say that Mark is poised to make a lot of money by continuing to play Gibbs, but it’s true — there is a tremendous financial reason for him to keep going. He probably has enough money to be able to just sit back and relax for the rest of his life, but we’re never going to be someone who tells someone to stop doing something that they love. If Harmon is one of those guys who loves working and making some coin, it’s every bit his prerogative to continue doing that in some capacity. Why wouldn’t he want to for the immediate future and beyond?

The additional opportunities that the series provides – Ironically, one of the reasons why there have been rumors out there regarding Harmon’s future is simply because he’s gotten more into producing as of late. While we do think that Mark has a busier schedule because of what he’s developing behind the scenes, one of the reasons he’s got this is because of his work on NCIS as Gibbs! This show gives him a platform for him to be able to spread his wings and do some other stuff — plus, he’s not even in the majority of scenes for it anymore.

What we’re getting at mostly here is simple: There is no reason for Mark Harmon to say goodbye to Gibbs in the immediate future.

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