Madam Secretary season 5 episode 9 review: Kosovo, Serbia take on fake news

Madam SecretaryTonight on Madam Secretary season 5 episode 9, Elizabeth McCord found herself at the center of yet another international crisis. This time around, though, it was a crisis that somehow has been ignored by many in the past decade-plus: Events in Kosovo.

Beyond just this, there was another key question: Whether or not we would see Serbia and Kosovo actually accepted into NATO. Achieving this is the stuff that dreams are made of, mostly because it wasn’t that long ago when the country’s existence was barely recognized by Serbia all that much at all. Jay was making some headway getting some people on board with the idea, but soon after this, another issue surfaced: Spain, who didn’t want to admit Kosovo largely because of what was going on with Catalonia in their own country.

So, over the course of this episode, we had to see Elizabeth, Jay, and the rest of the staff having to figure out how to handle this. What caused things to spiral out of control was the presence of Russian fake news, which was fueling the fires and potentially causing Kosovo and Serbia to go at each other violently in a way that was similar to what they were doing a number of years ago. This proved himself to be a tricky, convoluted one.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure that the NATO deal is going to actually happen — the impact of the Russian fake news was bad and because of that, it may take some time to repair relationships enough so that something like this can even be possible a little bit down the line. Still, there was something really touching about the end of the episode, which took place in Europe and featured children from two different places coming together in order to create a garden — one that may offer up some peace for both places moving forward.

Blake gets used to his new job

This was a fun little side-story tonight, mostly because he was struggling to really grapple some of his new responsibilities while also having to deal with someone in his new job. She was sloppier than he was and because of that, he had a hard time passing the torch. He’s going to figure that out, but we cannot expect that to happen with him immediately.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Madam Secretary was largely about finding compromise and proving yourself — Elizabeth tried to figure out a way to resolve issues with Serbia and Kosovo so that they could cooperate in peace, while Blake got used to his new job and Henry had to take on the super-tough challenge of figuring out how to handle a White House doctor who was playing a little fast and loose with the rules.

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