Vikings season 5 episode 11 sneak peek: Lagertha doesn’t want to leave

LagerthaAs we inch the arrival of Vikings season 5 episode 11 on History Wednesday night, Lagertha has a big choice to make. Is she going to flee, or will she opt to stay at her home knowing the risks that come along with that?

Going into the premiere, we know what some of the stakes are in that Ivar is note the King of Kattegat. With that in mind, he possesses the power and the influence to do away with almost anyone who crosses him — that includes Lagertha and some of those remaining who are close to her including Torvi, Bjorn, Ubbe, and Heahmund. As painful as it may be, Lagertha has to consider the idea of leaving her home. She is right that this is not the end of her story; yet, at the same time it may not be ending in precisely the way in which that she wanted. In a perfect world, she could remain where she is and continue to fight some of the forces of evil that she has taken on to date. However, she also needs to recognize that this is an imperfect society and there are very few places even nearby her home that she can go. Ivar’s forces could find her almost anywhere within Scandinavia in the event that she remains there.

With all of this in mind, Lagertha may be in a position now where she needs to head towards England and try to paint some sort of new start for herself. While we do not think that some of her battles with Ivar are 100% settled at the moment, she’s going to have to plot and figure out more of her future from afar.

What we do feel reasonably confident about, at the moment, is this — Katheryn Winnick is poised to have some outstanding material in the second half of this season given that her character is perhaps on the ropes more so than almost any other point that we’ve seen her. She is having to figure out what her place in this new world is and also how she wants to fight within it. There is also another issue at play here in what is happening with Heahmund on a personal level; this is a relationship that has come about in a fairly-unexpected way, and we imagine that with that, there will be a wide array of further twists to come.

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By the end of this episode, we would not say that everything is fully settled with Lagertha at all — this could be a story that takes a little more time to finalize by the end of the season.

What do you think Lagertha should do upon facing this decision on Vikings season 5 episode 11? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below! (Photo: History, video via TV Guide.)

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