Vikings season 5 episode 11 video: Michael Hirst teases story ahead

Vikings - IvarIf you are excited for Vikings season 5 to return, we’ve got another reason for you to be below!

If you look below, you can see showrunner Michael Hirst and executive producer Morgan O’Sullivan do their part to describe some of the production challenges for the remaining ten episodes, including how one of the biggest ones is just finding a way to get the series at its proper scale. If you think back to the first season or two of the show, it was much smaller then with the focus put primarily on individual fleets and characters who were forced to take on a number of smaller struggles. Now, we’ve got full fleets, armies, and a number of super-dangerous people out to cause whatever harm that they can to empires. This show is much larger, more intense, and that comes with a whole lot more legwork.

Yet, at the root of all of this remains the same: History. This is not a series being artificially inflated just because it makes sense for the network to do that. This is just the way in which the journey for these characters is going as empires grow and spread — Ivar in particular has more power than almost ever and battles are an expression of his might.

One other thing that is pointed out in this video, and can be accurately pointed out in almost every video, is that somehow, Hirst writes every single one of these episodes himself. It’s hard to even accurately put into words the amount of effort that goes into something like that given that the majority of primetime series have a whole team of multiple writers producing scripts all at once. Clearly, there is a tone and a style here that he feels cannot be replicated elsewhere and he is intent on doing whatever he can in order to make them perfectly. The next ten episodes are almost sure to be intense, but we do have to remember along the way here that there are another twenty that are still coming down the road. There’s still so much of the story beyond that even on the other side of this season. Is it possible that season 6 is the final season? Sure, but nothing is official there as of yet.

For now, the most-important thing to remember here is simply this: Vikings season 5 will be returning on History in just over a week’s time. Whether it be Ivar’s reign or Lagertha’s future journey, there is so much worth diving into. Let’s just hope that the story moves in an exciting direction. Even though this is a series based on history, we do think that there’s still room for surprises along the way.

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