Vikings season 5 teaser: Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha takes on change

LagerthaHistory has just revealed the latest teaser for Vikings season 5, and this one makes one thing clear more than any other: Nothing will be the same for Lagertha. The person that she was is more in the rear-view mirror now, but the one thing about her that hasn’t changed is her perseverance in any situation that comes up. Much of her life is changing and big decisions will have to be made in order to survive, but Lagertha has faced these types of situations in the past (not exactly like this but also extremely difficult) and has found a way to not only get through them, but also come out on top.

Now she is at a point where she really has to evolve after everything that’s happened with Ivar and with Kattegat, and that’s what the teaser below is all about: Tying to find the best possible way in order for her to do that. This preview is Katheryn Winnick’s character recognizing more of where she is in life now. She’s been through a great deal of tragedy, her heart has been broken too many times to count, and she is watching much of the world that she knew fall by the wayside. Yet, she cannot give up. Her years of experience have done her well in terms of understanding how the world works and she is able to pivot in a way that a lot of the other characters can’t. She may still have some allies on her side, though she is also not 100% clear as to whether or not she can fully trust Heahmund. He seems to be on her side, but that is one of the larger questions that she may be asking herself as the ten remaining episodes go along.

Does Lagertha have a death wish moving forward? We wouldn’t go that far, but she does clearly have a cognizance of her mortality that few other people have. The seer’s warning is probably a part of that; if she knows or at least believes in the prophecy surrounding her death, that could be a pretty heavy influencing factor in just how the remainder of this story could go. She can live with a fearlessness and a desire to get things done, realizing that it could all end.

With Ivar in Kattegat and with large-scale power struggles all across the land, Vikings season 5 could end up becoming one of the deadliest to date. It does feel assured that nobody at this point is safe (that’s what happens when you have a series like Vikings that isn’t afraid to kill off their main character and still keeps their audience!), and that does certainly include Lagertha. It’s not all that hard to envision ways in which this character could go, even if we don’t want to see it happen as someone who does root for Lagertha and wants to see her on the show as long as possible. We seem to be losing a lot of the female characters on this show and Katheryn Winnick is brilliant in this role – it’s one of the many reasons we have her on our Golden Globes wish-list at the link here. She’s been criminally over looked for awards for years, but season 5 has been one of her strongest outings yet and it’s time that she got the recognition she deserves.

Vikings season 5 returns to History on Wednesday, November 28 — it’s just two weeks away! That’s not a lot of time to start diving into some of the action and the drama all over again.

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