God Friended Me episode 9 video: The secret in apartment 3B

God friended meSunday night’s God Friended Me episode 9 could potentially offer up some answers to the series’ central mystery … though there is hardly any guarantee of it.

At the end of the promo below, you can see Rakesh telling Miles that after so much searching, it finally seems as though everyone is getting close to some answers. There’s an apartment with 3B on the door that the characters are knocking on at the end of the promo, and while there’s an expression of confidence here that answers could be just beyond that door, we still have a rather hard time thinking that is accurate. We still live in a world with this show where sometimes things are not what they seem and we think that what lies beyond this door could just be a setup or what the God Account wants these characters to see.

Really, the biggest thing to remember is that we’re only in episode 9 of a series with a full-season order. Do you really think that they are about to unveil their central mystery so soon?

There’s actually a message that is pointed out in this preview that is worth reverberating many times over at this point — sometimes, you don’t really answers to life’s grand questions. It’s okay to just sometimes accept things for the way that they are and try to move forward. Miles doesn’t fully seem to realize that, but we understand some of the reasons why. For starters, we’re talking about someone who doesn’t have a lot of faith in the concept in faith itself. Beyond that, he’s still young and of a generation that is very much down with the idea of instant gratification. He wants information on things as soon as humanly possible, and the idea of not having all of the knowledge he so seeks is somewhat infuriating. We hope that the series works to resolve some of that for him over time — even in the event it turns out that there is someone actually running the account at the end.

As for what else is coming in this episode, Miles will be sent a friend request for a notable chess star, someone who first vanished many years ago. Will he be able to find some sort of answers as to their whereabouts? We wouldn’t say that this episode is ripped from the headlines; it is more like it has been ripped from the history books.

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