Madam Secretary season 5 episode 8 video: Diplomacy with Haiti

Madam Secretary season 4This weekend’s new episode of Madam Secretary season 5 episode 8 is going to start off on a lighthearted enough note. After all, Elizabeth McCord, despite nursing a sun-related injury, is doing what she can to get up to speed on some Haitian cultural traditions before what is meant to be a pivotal meeting with their latest leader.

Does she need to do all of the work that she is doing? Well, in this sense Henry McCord is right — she really doesn’t need to. Yet, she wants to do everything she can in order to get diplomatic relations off on the right foot with the country’s new President-elect. It’s her way of ensuring that the country can evolve and improve, knowing that it has the full support of America’s government. This is the sort of thing, after all, that proves further that Elizabeth is the perfect Presidential candidate. She wants to do right by people all over the world and understands that having good relationships helps to help the United States in turn … as long as those good relationships are not with dictators or those promoting suffering elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we do know already that some of Elizabeth’s efforts in this episode are going to be in vain, mostly due to the fact that on Sunday’s episode, the President in power is going to refuse to concede power. They will not step down after losing the election and with that, Elizabeth may find herself needing so much more of this research than she ever first realized that she would. This will be a complicated story for her since she has to effectively thread a diplomatic needle and try to resolve this unrest without sparking some incident at the same time. More than likely, there are some other countries who support the country’s current President, even if what they are doing is in opposition to every single election rule that is out there.

While this issue does feel like quite the bind for Bess, isn’t this something that she is used to at this point? Having to deal with as many related issues as she has could very well make her well-equipped to take on anything of this particular nature. One way or another, you can anticipate that she is going to find a way to figure this out … even if America does not receive everything that they want in the process.

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