NCIS season 16 episode 9 review: Gibbs kisses Kasie on the cheek


We’ve been waiting for a new episode of NCIS for two weeks now, but tonight we finally have a brand new episode and it’s poised to be a really great one if you are a fan of really great cases!

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The case of the week is a good old fashion heist where a woman named Angie and her accomplice broke into a Admiral’s house and got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars (and some incriminating photos) 3 years ago, scaring the man’s wife so badly that she hasn’t slept the full night since it happened. Although Angie was caught and served time (after turning down a plea deal to turn in her partner) she’s now been released and the team are hoping to get her to lead them to the accomplice and give this Admiral and his wife some peace of mind. It’s a stake out!

Gibbs has been wanting to put this case to rest for years and when it was active the Admiral was using his status to throw his weight around and try to get things done (like Gibbs needs an extra push to catch a bad guy!). After Sloane watched the tapes from Gibbs’ initial talk with her, she sees that he was really soft on the interrogation with Angie, because he was friends with Angie’s father (who was in the military). This is why this case is so important to Gibbs. After a really fun chase, they got their man – a guy named Lew who worked for the Admiral had been blackmailing him for years.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Two Ducky appearances in two episodes! We are getting pretty spoiled here. He wasn’t in much of the episode, but he Face-Timed in to talk to Jimmy about the case of the week – and we loved every moment of it, even watching Gibbs figure out how to end a Face-Time and hang up on Ducky to get Jimmy working on the case. Does he secretly have an iPhone? Nah. We understand that Ducky is not going to be in every episode, but even just a moment like tonight makes us feel like the team is back together again. Even when Ducky is going on vacation he’s still worried about the team!

Speaking of the team feeling like it’s all coming together we saw Gibbs give Kasie a kiss on the cheek after she gave him an update. Very reminiscent of his relationship with Abby and as much as we like Kasie, we don’t want her to be an Abby replacement – we want to see her relationship with him to be different since she is very different to Abby. That being said we are really happy to see that his comfort level with her is growing quickly!

Also, we know this is going to be controversial and we expect people to not agree with us on this point, but we are going to say it anyways…. kissing your co-worker at the office? While we know that Gibbs is old school and just showing his appreciation to Kasie (we know that there really isn’t any other meaning behind this kiss), it’s a bit surprising to see in 2018.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NCIS and how are you enjoying the season so far? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think! (Photo: CBS)

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