This Is Us season 3 spoilers: Could we meet Miguel’s kids soon?

This Is Us season 2Want to know what’s coming up on the This Is Us season 3 Thanksgiving Day episode? Well, Miguel’s kids could be at least a subject of conversation. We’ve gotten to know this character to a certain extent, but there are still some questions about his own past. We don’t know much about his past and, beyond that, we don’t know all that much about how it impacts his present and his relationship with Rebecca.

Well, some of that could start to become a little bit clearer in the Thanksgiving episode? Be sure to check out some of what Mandy Moore had to say in the new interview with TVLine:

“Thanksgiving may bring out some of Miguel’s family for the first time … Miguel has kids that are out in the ether, somewhere. We’ve gotta find out why him and his kids aren’t very tight.”

Thanksgiving is of course a great time for the writers to explore a little bit of that, mostly in that this is chance to experience family and what is good and bad about them. There are very few opportunities this good throughout the season, especially for a supporting character like Miguel who has spent a good bit of his time over the course of the series in the shadows. We know that it’s polarizing, but we also know that a good bit of it really isn’t his fault. He just has the unfortunate honor of trying to follow up Jack in Rebecca’s life and that is not an altogether easy thing to do. Yet, he’s tried to find a way to fit in with the family, even though it’s tough.

There is still one more thing that could serve as an opportunity to get to know Miguel even better: A standalone episode all about his story. There is a good chance that this will happen a little bit later this seaosn, mostly because it’s something that This Is Us seems to be prioritizing with a number of their supporting characters on some level this season. We already had that with Toby, and it seems like Beth and Miguel are both coming up on the pecking order next. Even though we don’t know a lot about Miguel’s past just yet, it should still prove to be exciting. Why wouldn’t it be since you are filling in a few different holes?

Of course, the Thanksgiving episode is going to give us a sense of a few different stories as well — take, for example, what’s going to be happening with Kevin in Vietnam. After all, it does seem as though he is going to be still there with Zoe.

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