The Ranch season 3 episode 11 return date confirmed at Netflix

Ranch season 3 premiere dateToday, Netflix made it clear that if you want to watch The Ranch season 3 episode 11 before the holidays, you can.

In the video below featuring Ashton Kutcher and Elisha Cuthbert, it was officially confirmed that the comedy series will be returning for the final ten episodes of this season starting on December 7. Basically, think in terms of two weeks from Friday! This is a critical batch of episodes for the series, mostly because this is the first batch to not feature Danny Masterson. Following a series of assault accusations from the early 2000’s, Masterson (and his character of Rooster) were formally written out. Coming on board the show now as a recurring guest star is Dax Shepard, who could end up becoming a full-time cast member down the road. Shepard will be playing a new character, someone who presumably will add a different dynamic to The Ranch.

Given that Debra Winger already said there are more new episodes coming up beyond the second half of season 3, it’s clear that Netflix has a lot of faith in this program as a whole — and understandably so, given that it seems to be one of their stronger performers in terms of comedy. Kutcher remains one of their biggest stars and while the show overall may not generate a lot of press in terms of its story, it does have blue-collar roots that may make it appearing to a number of viewers all over the America. It’s a traditional sitcom mixed with edgier subject matter. It’s not afraid to have some of its characters speak their mind, even if that means them saying words that you are probably not used to hearing on a number of other television shows.

The Ranch as a series may have a longer life in it still beyond season 4, but that’s something that we probably will not find out more about until the new year. There may not be all that big of a reason for the streaming service to rush anything long when it comes to a return date, largely due to the service’s pattern as of late of being more cautious with their renewals. They also have become a little bit more quick to cancel than they were in the past; after all, we did not necessarily expect for there to be a situation in which they ended up canceling either Luke Cage or Iron Fist when they did. Yet, here we are, and we just have to see other shows try to find their way forward (while also probably still looking over their shoulder to a certain degree).

Once there is more news out there about the return of The Ranch season 3 to the air, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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What do you think about The Ranch season 3 episode 11 return date, and what do you expect to see coming up? (Photo: Netflix.)

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