Outlander season 4 episode 4 promo: Roger gives Brianna news on Claire

Outlander season 4 episode 3Dare we say that Outlander season 4 episode 4 may be the biggest installment of the entire season so far? That is what we’re inclined to believe, at least for the time being.

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At the tail end of the new promo below, Roger gives Bree a call in order to deliver some news to her regarding her mother. While it doesn’t seem as though these two characters have repaired anything completely following what happened in 4×03 (while they get along on paper, there are some major ideological differences holding them back), Roger is still clearly tracking the Frasers’ movements. He wants to ensure that they are okay and, to go along with that, also wants to ensure that nothing really happens to either Claire or Jamie.

One of the things that we do wonder after watching a preview like this is how the rules of time work. Did Claire’s entire life and journey appear in records and history books the moment that she went back into time, or is that something that slowly propagates? Basically, we wonder if this is material that Roger just works to uncover, or if it is something that makes itself available to him slowly and surely. Anyhow, it doesn’t quite matter since the news that Roger uncovers is something that could change the entire course of this series as we know it so far.

As for Jamie and Claire…

Are they going to be okay at Fraser’s Ridge? The presence of Native Americans in the region is something that this new promo amplifies, following Claire’s encounter with one at the end of this past episode. While there was no violence with the Native Americans on this past episode, the promo does make it appear as though things are getting particularly contentious coming up. (Granted, promos certainly have been misleading in the past, and this is something that we think could also be the case here. It’s possible that any possible drama could just be the result of a misinterpretation or these particular people not knowing Jamie and Claire.)

The good news here is that if anyone is going to be understanding of these people and their plight, it will be Claire, who has a knowledge that nobody else has of what happens to them in the years to come. Her perspective is one of the biggest things that she brings to this particular era, to go along with her many qualifications as a healer that could lead to her being valuable to almost anyone she comes into contact with.

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