Outlander season 4 episode 3 review: The mystery of the silver filling

Outlander season 4 episode 3Outlander season 4 episode 3 was easily the most expansive installment of the entire season. We’re talking here about a tale of two time periods and of two very different love stories coming to fruition. One of them was firmly entrenched in the 1970’s, while the other took place more than two centuries within the past.

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Let’s start off here in the past, largely because here we had Jamie and Claire embark on a journey towards the Blue Ridge with Young Ian and also their guide in John Quincy Myers — a man far more aware and knowledgeable of the wilderness than most. He allowed them an opportunity to understand their surroundings, but when he and Young Ian separated for a time, it left Jamie and Claire to their own devices … at least temporarily.

The big struggle for these two characters is how they also found themselves separated due to a runaway mule and, in turn, a heavy rainfall and lightning storm. Claire’s horse ran away and because of this, she found herself in peril. She briefly came across a Native American man in the woods and soon after that, it seemed as though this man helped her and Jamie come back together without the two of them even knowing it. While she was asleep, he set up some tracks so that she knew precisely where to go.

Eventually, tonight brought us a great mystery for these characters in the arrival of a skull bearing a silver filling: This is a pretty strong bit of evidence, to go along with the scene at the start of the premiere, that there is a time-travel portal available within North Carolina. Finding it may not be a top priority for anyone, but it is still something to watch for. Meanwhile, the end of the episode brought us the first utterance of Fraser’s Ridge! Jamie found a plot of land that felt perfect for the two to start off their future together — it was a beautiful vista and had a large meadow perfect for animals. There’s a lot of work to be done, but the journey out into the wilderness has produced fruit.

Now, where are Young Ian and John Quincy Myers to partake in some of the celebration? These two are out in the wind somewhere…

Roger and Brianna’s journey

For everyone who wanted to hear Richard Rankin sing, or have an opportunity to see a Scottish festival in North Carolina, this episode had all of that. Roger, after finding some success overseas, arrived to Boston to see Brianna for the first time in a while. It was clear that the two have feelings for each other, but this was a chance for the two of them to act on said feelings.

This story had a number of lighthearted moments, whether it be some traditional dancing, Roger’s musical performance, or Bree kissing Roger and almost causing a car accident in the process. This was an absolutely perfect weekend. Well, at least it was perfect for the two of them before Roger decided to “make things perfect” right before the two were seemingly about to sleep together. That’s when he decided to propose to her and say everything that was on his mind.

Consider this a moment where what he thought was perfect was not entirely equal to what she thought. Also, their value sets were not entirely in the same place. Roger is old-fashioned and did not want to have sex with Brianna before cementing their future. Yet, Brianna was a little more liberal with her thinking — she did love Roger, but simply was not ready to take things up another level. It’s fine for the two to have different views but Roger was a little bit of a heel in some of what he had to say here. We do think that Bree loves him, but at the same time she is also a virgin and someone not particularly well-versed in her feelings. It’s a tad unfair to just assume that she is ready for this sort of next step.

The bad news for the two is that it doesn’t seem like this is an issue that is going to go away for them anytime soon. There is good news in that there is a love here, but this is something that may take some time still in order to figure out.

CarterMatt Verdict

Outlander season 4 episode 3 is likely to have far less in the way of controversy than what came before, largely because there was no great emphasis on anything quite as controversial as slavery. It was a more emotionally-based episode built mostly on adventure and also feelings. For Jamie and Claire, they have the relief of a new home together. Yet, for Roger and Brianna, they are now facing a great deal of uncertainty as it is clear that they are at different points in their life.

We do consider this Outlander episode yet another reminder that these people are as close to real as we’re going to see within a TV series. Even if we like them, that does not make them immune from unlikable moments or a lack of understanding. This is a world where conflict is natural, and that is conflict that will likely continue for many more weeks to come. Jamie and Claire will realize that Fraser’s Ridge is not build in a day, and Roger will also realize that having a relationship cannot always be defined on his own terms.

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