Madam Secretary season 5 episode 7 review: A Dmitri – Stevie surprise

Madam SecretaryTonight, Madam Secretary season 5 episode 7 offered up a story about community, about forgiveness, and also about characters trying to find their way in order to resolve crises by any means necessary.

Also, there was a chance to get a brief update when it comes to Dmitri and Stevie. Remember when these two seemed like the show’s next-great romance? Well, Dmitri being forced to go away was a game-changing twist in their relationship, but after Dmitri’s sister started turning up around Stevie, questions started to emerge as to what was really going on here. Was it possible that she was working with the Russian? As it turns out, not so much. Instead, he was  just concerned about Stevie and wanted to check up on her in just about any way that he possibly could — without violating the deal that was in place. This was a delicate balancing act for him, but he was worried about her after the White House attack.

At the end of the episode, we learned that Dmitri had written Stevie a note; she then opened it, read it in private, and we were reminded once more of what we miss about that relationship. You have to imagine that there’s a way to bring them back … right? Well, maybe that is wishful thinking. (Stevie did get an opportunity to write her back.)

As for the main story within this episode, it featured an unlikely partnership between Vice President Theresa Hurst and Elizabeth over some events that have transpired in Laos. A surrogate for Hurst’s potential grandchild was taken and Elizabeth was one of the few who could arrange to make sure they and other surrogates ended up being okay. It took help from both her team and from Theresa herself, but much of the issue here stemmed from many bombings dating back to the Vietnam war and the chaos that unfolded with that. They wanted some sort of acknowledgment as to all of the terrible violence there, and also some sort of road towards better relationships.

By having Hurst actually visit the war memorial at the end of the episode, we have a feeling that some tensions between the countries are cooling. Hurst is going to have a chance to be a grandmother, and the irony in all of this is that Bess basically helped her own future opponent be viewed in a more likable light. This is an example of what makes her so great at her job. She finds a way to help others, even if that does not always mean helping herself. It’s what more politicians really should do and that is the big takeaway that we have from this episode.

We have long noted that Madam Secretary is a series that really takes a view of things from an idealistic lens and there is probably no better example of this than tonight’s episode. Maybe you watch for that, or maybe you watch because you’re hoping to see Stevie and Dmitri together again. Either way really works in the end.

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