Station 19 season 2 fall finale: About that Andy, Sullivan cliffhanger…

Station 19Tonight, the Station 19 season 2 fall finale effectively continued the story of the massive storm that we had a chance to see on Grey’s Anatomy. There was an epic windstorm, one that was causes massive power outages and led to many a character being stranded.

For many different members of the firehouse and beyond, there was a situation that unfolded back at the station. As it turns out, Ryan’s father has a knack for ruffling feathers — mostly because of A) his shady history and B) his tendency to rub some of Ryan’s own achievements in Jack’s face. The fact that Ryan helped to fly out Andy to New York after September 11 is another bit of evidence that he cares about her deeply … which is of course something that strikes a nerve given his own history with her. Jack does have a little bit more going on beyond that, but he’s gotta figure out a way to get those demons under control. If he doesn’t, there’s no way that he is going to be good for anyone.

By the end of the episode, Ryan did learn that his father was a wanted man and he was facing a choice: Arrest his dad or allow him to walk out the door. If he does the latter, there was a pretty good chance that he was never going to speak to him again.

As for danger outside the firehouse, we got it in one way with Andy and Captain Sullivan working together — she was interested for most of the episode in getting him to open up. Yet, by the end of the episode they had another issue to worry about in that the ambulance they were in was in danger of literally blowing away. They had to find a way to withstand that; yet, in the process they were able to bond a little bit. We learned that Sullivan first left Seattle over a tragedy to someone he loved dearly; yet, he came back and it seems like what happened there kept him from getting close to him.

Then, there’s Ben Warren, who made the risky move of going back into a burning building to rescue a victim. Yet, in the process of doing that he found himself tracked and with his own life on the line. Warren was able to keep himself alive long enough for Maya and reinforcements to arrive. (We do think that all of this does justify some of what Bailey has been worried about for so long.)

CarterMatt Verdict

For those of you who wanted moments in this episode that were lighter and a little bit more romantic, there were those — take, for example, Vic hooking up with the Chief after the two were out in the field together. This was an episode that offered up a lot of adversity. Yet, at the very end there was also a major reveal: Maya was promoted to Lieutenant! Yet, at the same time she was offered a spot at another station. It’s great news in terms of a career achievement, but bad news is that she’d have to leave her firehouse family.

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