Station 19 season 2 epsiode 8 return date hopes for Jaina Lee Ortiz, cast

Station 19Want to know the Station 19 season 2 episode 8 return date over at ABC? We’ve got some clues within!

Let’s kick things off here with the really bad news: You’re going to have to wait for a rather-long time still in order to see Jaina Lee Ortiz and the rest of the cast back on ABC with new episodes. Tonight marks the fall finale and with that in mind, you’re not going to have a chance to see some more new episodes until you get around to the new year. The network, however, doesn’t seem to be altogether interested in announcing a return date, which is somewhat surprising, all things considered. Why not just go ahead and let people know when your show is coming back? The only reason why they’re opting against that, at least more than likely, is that it is something that they are still in the process of figuring out themselves. They are trying to piece together the right time in order to get this particular show back on the air and we’re looking forward to seeing whenever that may be.

In the past, we’ve seen #TGIT return in some capacity in January, with there being another run of new episodes until we see the end for How to Get Away with Murder. That show runs on a tighter schedule than the other Thursday-night series, as the other two have much more pronounced episode orders. At the moment, Station 19 has a full 22 episodes after it was picked up for more a little bit earlier this year. The ratings were good, and with that in mind it seems like we’re going to see more of Andy Herrera and the other firefighters for a while.

One of the big questions that is remaining here is simply this: What are the producers going to next? If we had it our way, we’d say that the rest thing for the series to do is tell some more isolated stories that are all about the individual characters. It does feel like there is something more that we have to learn about many of these different people, and we can only hope that the remaining episodes will offer up chances to explore what makes these people tick, and also precisely who some of them really are.

Odds are, ABC will announce the Station 19 season 2 episode 8 return date at some point over the next few weeks — once that happens, we’re absolutely going to be bringing some more news your way as to both that and hopefully some of what’s coming in terms of the larger story. (Hopefully, the show’s going to be moving on past the windstorm sooner rather than later.)

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