Bull season 3 episode 8 review: The struggle of Chris Coleman

Bull season 3 episode 1Tonight, Bull season 3 episode 8 delivered a case that was about justice — but also about helping someone who completely found himself incapable of actually helping himself.

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This brings us to the story of Chris Coleman, a young man who found himself screwed over by circumstance, and at times by his own temper. At the start of the episode, we met the character in the midst of a fight that he got into, seemingly out of self-defense. Yet, the arresting officer at the scene didn’t know the full story and brought him in. He took a plea deal and because of that, was able to make his life a little easier. He wasn’t actually guilty, but he just wanted to reduce the burden on his life and his family. He also didn’t have a whole lot money.

Yet, when the other man involved in the fight ended up dying in a coma, the prosecution came back and upped the charges to manslaughter. He found himself set to spend years in prison for something that he was ultimately not guilty of … unless Dr. Bull came in and tried to fix the previous public defender’s work.

This case was a pickle and for so many different reasons. For starters, Chris routinely screwed things up for himself by acting sour in the courtroom and trying to figure out a way to get mad about everything. He had a right to be, but the jury needed to see a kinder, gentler man — someone who loved and cared about his family a great deal.

Yet, this still took quite the Hail Mary for Bull to be able to pull this off — to be specific, it took Bull having to go to the prosecution and basically find what amounted to a scorecard. He had to prove that the prosecutor was using this case to get moved up the ladder and that there really wasn’t anything here. He didn’t have a whole lot else to go on other than that there weren’t any real witnesses showing Chris doing anything but defending himself — saved for the biased ones — and also relying on his previous character. It was tough and it certainly was painful, but in the end, Dr. Bull did manage to get the win.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we do have to say that Bull season 3 episode 8 delivered something pretty powerful — a fascinating look at how someone being in the wrong place at the right time can ultimately completely change their life. There was a lot to like here, especially in terms of this installment managing to showcase more of the softer side of the friendship between Bull and Benny.

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