The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 9 preview: Sheldon freaks out

Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 19What lies ahead on The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 9? CBS hasn’t released a synopsis yet for the episode, but the official promo (that we have for you below) helps shed some light on what’s coming up.

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So what’s coming up? This is a story themed about what happens when Sheldon starts to really lose his cool. When you have this guy smashing his beloved whiteboard, it’s obvious that there is something incredibly off. As someone who does appreciate a good Sheldon meltdown as much as the next person, this is going to be epic!

Yet, there’s another important question here that is lurking underneath the surface: Why is Sheldon going completely aggro? What could make him want to destroy his own work? If we had to make a prevailing guess, it is that someone beat him to the research that he’s been working on with Amy for most of the season. It has to be something that is so devastating to him that it makes him think that a lot of what he’s been working on is 100% useless. Sheldon, of course, gets incredibly annoyed when someone takes some element of glory from him, so that’s why this reaction would feel so appropriate.

With all of this being said … what if Sheldon had the holy grail of scientific discoveries underneath the surface and refused to even recognize it? One of the funniest things about this promo, at least in our mind, is the idea that maybe Jim Parsons’ character actually does end up making some sort of enormous scientific discovery here in the midst of all of this rubble. We have this wonderful image in our head of him looking at most of his research after he’s Hulk Smashed it only to then have a light bulb go off. Maybe at this point he starts to piece everything back together again frantically. This would help the series to pull off something that we’ve been wanting for it ever since the start, and that is allowing Sheldon to actually have some sort of significant career advancement. At some point, he shouldn’t have to call this apartment building with the broken elevator home. (Perfect ending for the series: The elevator gets fixed.)

Even though there isn’t (as mentioned) a synopsis for what’s next, do you really need one to know that there’s going to be some good comedy? From a scheduling point of view, one of the things that is clear is that there’s going to be a repeat episode airing on Thanksgiving night. Therefore, whatever happens on episode 9 better be good enough to tide you over until the end of the month, if not longer.

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