Ink Master season 11 episode 12 preview: Is Tiffer Wright or Teej Poole at the top?

Ink Master season 9 finale videoNext week, Ink Master season 11 episode 12 arrives on the Paramount Network to deliver the continuance of the final seven’s journey … but also the first episode without Kyle. This is where the producers have been going for emotional vulnerability and vindication stories, so without him the story will be shifting.

Based on the preview that aired follow tonight’s episode, it looks as though there are a few different things to expect coming up.

Fire! – To be specific, the flash challenge is all about fire. We’re still in the midst of a mid-season crisis over whether or not these really count as compelling television anymore, largely because they exist mostly to set up the skull pick advantage. There has to be a more efficient way to do these and get to the good stuff … right? Somehow, we prefer the Quickfires on Top Chef even if they’re sometimes even more useless; it may just be that the contestants are at least doing something within a necessary skill set. There’s something so unessential about watching tattoo artists having to make art out of a pile of thumbtacks.

Are Christian’s team members getting fed up with him? – It’s easy to understand why there could be some … frustrations. Christian plays this game 1000 miles-per-hour at every second and is strategic and methodical. This is one of the many reasons we want to see him on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother! Yet, sometimes all the artists want to do is tattoo without all of the head-games and the pressure. People like Tim and Chris will eventually work out any of their issues with Christian, mostly because they have to, but we can see that frustration building and breaking the team apart a bit.

Is Teej Poole suddenly the favorite? – At the moment, you could make the argument given that he did a much better tattoo than Tiffer Wright tonight — it was bursting at the seams with creativity while Tiffer seems to be in a creative rut. (Tiffer still wins the Ink Master fashion choice award — you have to appreciate the man’s love of checkered shirts.) Yet, isn’t this the same standard Ink Master trajectory you see every season? There’s somebody who comes out every season like an unstoppable Mack truck, only for someone to eventually throw some tacks on the road. They lose a tire, stumble to the side of the road, and then after someone patches them up, they’re good to go again. Tiffer’s getting some roadside maintenance at the moment, but it’s hard to envision the judges telling him to pack his machines before the finale. He’s just too good.

Who’s in trouble? – Probably Amanda, Turk, and Tim. They’re the trio who have experienced the most danger as of late, with Amanda routinely being in the bottom the last few weeks. Worst of all, her confidence seems a little shaken. She’s the easy prediction in the pool of who-goes-home-next – there’s only so many pep-talks Christian can give her.

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What’s your expectation for Ink Master season 11 episode 12? Who are you rooting for to win, and do you appreciate Tiffer and his magical checkered shirts? Share now in the attached comments. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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