Station 19 season 2 episode 3 review: Ryan and Jack’s ride-along

Station 19Tonight, Station 19 season 2 episode 3 delivered even more of what this show does best, whether it be some good character stories to some incredible rescues.

Yet, beyond all of that, the part of the story tonight that was the most compelling was the police component. Jack found himself in need of some greater police understanding, and with that in mind, he was assigned ride-along duty alongside Ryan. This was awkward and tenuous at first, but eventually they proved to be rather valuable teammates as they figured out a way to help a young girl who was being abducted by her father. Ryan was able to detect the signs, stall them, and then eventually convince the father to stand down to ensure that the situation did not escalate further.

Yet, the interesting psychological part of this episode came when the mother showed up after the dad was arrested for the kidnapping attempt. She thanked Jack and virtually shunned Ryan, even though he was really the hero. The reality here is that people view cops and firefighters differently. With the latter, they are heroes; yet, when it comes to the former, they are people they are taught to either be angry at or fear.

As for what else took place in this episode, we got a chance to see the heart of a conflict between Vic and Travis. She was angry about him basically giving up in the huge fire at the end of last season. They tried to talk things out tonight, and talking eventually turned to screaming, and that eventually turned to the two of them realizing that they need to figure things out beyond the walls of the station. (That was a recommendation of Captain Sullivan.)

Meanwhile, tonight we also say Andy realize that she isn’t going to be some easy-breezy person after what happened to her mother years ago. She also wanted to ensure that her father found a way to get out and live his life, even without her living there. That’s not the easiest thing for him to adjust to, but he needs to if he wants to be happy.

These are the stories that we got tonight on what was an engaging episode — even if there was no iconic moment beyond the ride-along (which proved to be fun).

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