Supergirl season 4 episode 1 review: Meet Agent Liberty; a Red Daughter continuation

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On Supergirl season 4 episode 1 on Sunday night, Kara Danvers uncovered a very different threat from one that she’s seen in the past.

Yet, at the same time this is not the same sort of threat than any that she has encountered in the past. We’re speaking here instead about ordinary people, the sort who Kara frequently saves in costume, who have developed a hatred for aliens. Their anger and fear are causing people to feel controlled by their insecurity and a movement built entirely out of prejudice.

For most of the premiere, the movement was so underground that Kara did not even detect it. She didn’t even want to listen to J’onn J’onzz when he came to her with a warning that there was a threat brimming underneath the surface. She felt, at least for the majority of the episode, like the world was better than ever. Of course, that was before she realized that Mercy Graves and her movement of hate had a number of other people on the inside, including the DEO. (Kara did apologize to J’onn at the end of the episode.)

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While at work, Kara actually did have a chance to be a reporter again, helping to oversee some new employees at CatCo including Nia Nal, a newcomer who brought with her big dreams … which is probably why she will eventually come to have the nickname of Dreamer. That’s probably not something that we will come to understand fully until a little bit later on down the road, but it’s certainly a compelling tease for the future.

Speaking of which, could James really get arrested for being Guardian? Meanwhile, could Lena Luthor actually find herself in a position where she uses her mother Lillian? Let’s just make it clear: We were very much worried over the idea of Lena getting close to her mom, since there’s basically no good that comes from it. Yet, it seems like she may have been using her in order to help James out. The one caveat to James being outside of prison? Well, he’s not going to be allowed to take on the Guardian mask again … he will face more charges in the event he does.

The big ending

As it turns out, the public found out that President Marsdin is, in fact, an alien. As a result of that, there could be some more eruptions and chaos down the road. We also met our Big Bad in Agent Liberty at the end of the episode, as he is the person leading the charge.

Also, that Red Daughter reveal at the end? Well, it’s a reminder that the writers are still doing this.

CarterMatt Verdict

What did we have tonight? Well, Brainy had an identity crisis, Alex Danvers had a new hairstyle, and the DEO is a very different world than it once was. Yet, Supergirl is still the same show, even if it is one that is scaled-back and personal more than it was last season. We do think that the writers need more time making the new iteration of the show work, but clearly they are moving forward from last year given how little Mon-El or Samantha Arias were mentioned.

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