Amazon’s Homecoming finale review: Where in the world is Walter?

Homecoming Heidi and Walter

We are finally here folks – The Homecoming season 1 finale and what a ride it’s been. We still have a few loose ends to tie up before we say goodbye to season 1 with our biggest question revolving around Walter in present day. Where is he? Is he back in the army? Is he hospitalized? Is he dead? If they don’t give us answers on anything else in the finale, that’s fine with us as long as we get some resolution on that.

Memory loss has it’s benefits

With both of their plates empty, Heidi and Walter have consumed a considerable amount of the 6 week program drug. After lunch, Heidi goes back to her office and starts destroying all of her tapes from her sessions with the men – except for the one with Walter, in which she puts in the mail to send to his mother. She then packs up a few things and leaves her office for the last time.

Colin calls Heidi to confront her about what she did, but she doesn’t care. He seems more worried about Walter receiving such a huge dose of the week 6 medication after he already had it that day saying that he’s going to be completely incapacitated. She confirms that it will take at least a year for the symptoms to leave his system after such a huge dose and that he’s not able to be sent back to serve anymore. She sent him for domestic reassignment because he suffered “adverse affects to the medication” and that he belongs with his family now. For Colin this is a huge set back since Walter is his poster boy for the program working and he has been using his research with him specifically to garner interest in the drug from people all over the world.

So the whole thing about Walter being discharged for violent conduct was just something Craig put into his file to cover up what really happened. Really he was sent home with his mom and Heidi was hospitalized from that huge dose of medication she took.

Colin’s downfall

We have been waiting all season to see Colin put in his place and we had that with the finale! After watching him berate Carrasco, the claim with Walter was elevated at the DOD and calls were made to Geist about Colin’s behavior (Geist sees all!). They want to give the DOD someone high level to close this case, someone who went rogue, someone like Colin. Geist wants him to be the fall guy and with the threat of losing everything his back is up against the wall. He decides to sign the papers and after he leaves the room we see Audrey take out a vile of liquid that says “lab use only” and roll it on her skin. Is she using the memory loss drug or are we looking at a new drug set up for a potential season 2?

Heidi comes clean

In present day she goes to Walter’s moms house now that she’s regained her memory to tell her the truth about everything that happened at the facility, what the facility was trying to do – the whole shebang. She tells Heidi that she understands what she did, but doesn’t forgive her. Heidi tries to tell her that there are ways to bring his memories back, but Walter’s mom doesn’t want to do that now that he’s so close to being the man he was before Homecoming (so he’s alive!). She tells Heidi that the only way she can help him is to leave Walter alone, but that’s not something she can do. She doesn’t know exactly where he is, but she ventures a guess that he’s gone off on that road trip they talked about and ended up in a little town like they day dreamed together of starting a new life. She heads home, packs her stuff and is off to find Walter.

After searching tons of towns for Walter, Heidi finally finds him living out the life they talked about – small town, cabin in the woods, and enough firewood to get them through the winter. Only problem is that Walter doesn’t remember her… or does he? She decides not to do anything that might trigger his memory when she sees just how happy he is and while we wanted to see a happily ever after with them together, this was probably better for Walter in the long term. After their brief talk, Walter leaves the diner and she looks down to see her fork has been moved, placed on an angle like Walter used to do to her in the facility and it gives us hope for next season.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This is easily the best new show of the year and it’s not even close. The journey was beautifully crafted, a lot of the mysteries were wrapped up in a very satisfying way, Colin got what was coming to him and they left it open at the end for season 2 with that moment with the fork. We can’t wait for the next season of this show.

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