New Amsterdam episode 3 review: Was Max actually fired?

New Amsterdam
Going into New Amsterdam episode 3, there were two words that reverberated through the Dean’s lips: “You’re fired.” For a split-second, Max seemed to be out of a job … at least until he convinced him out of it. He is a guy who does things his own way and that is absolutely not going to change.

Yet, part of his problem is that he has to figure out a way to make change quickly — very quickly. Not only does he have his job on the line, but he also has cancer. There’s only so long that he is going to be able to keep doing this job in his current way, and that means that tonight, he really had to get the ball rolling on a LOT of different stuff. That included escorting a very wealthy potential donor through the walls of the hospital.

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For most of the installment, what we saw was Max thinking that he needed to impress this woman in order to ensure that he got the biggest donation possible. Yet, instead he needed to just listen to her. Maybe New Amsterdam wouldn’t have gotten that donation if he begged for it, but he was able to convince her to give the money to a cause where it was needed — Rikers, and helping young women in prison help to end a cycle of crime and devastation. He was inspired to convince her to go down this road because of Dr. Bloom’s patient, a young mother who was terrified of the idea of not being able to be in her daughter’s life after she was born, especially since she only had a short period of time left.

As for Max’s own condition, he realized tonight that he needed to let go, and finally decided that he just stop in and let Dr. Sharpe actually be his doctor and not interfere in the process. This was, almost certainly, the right move for him to make … even if he didn’t want to admit to it at first. He now has a treatment plan for the future, and after convincing his wife Georgia to not take off to Connecticut, he is going to have the woman he loves close to home, as well.

Yet, he really does need to still tell her about the cancer diagnosis. That is not something that will be going away.

CarterMatt Verdict

New Amsterdam episode 3 was heartfelt, and there’s just something about this show that makes you want to keep watching. While some of the stories may not be that different from other medical dramas, there’s just something about the tone, the performances, and the scale of the hospital that keep you watching.

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