The Flash season 5 premiere review: Who are Mob Rule? Nora’s debut

Nora West-AllenAfter a long hiatus The Flash season 5 came back on the air tonight with a chance to learn more about Nora West-Allen.

Let’s just say that we were fairly shocked from the start with why Nora was stuck in the present, and how minute the reasoning really was in the grand scheme of things. She was mostly stuck in the past because of what she did to try to stop DeVoe at the end of last season … or at least that is what she claimed.

After we learned this, we got some answers to another important mystery: Why she was so invested in going back in time and seeing her family when, theoretically, she could do it in the present. Remember the newspaper headlines surrounding The Flash disappearing in crisis? As it turns out, that still happens in the future and she never actually knew her father. It also turned out that she wasn’t actually stuck in the past as she claimed; she just wanted to see her father, which was actually rather sweet when you spend a minute and think about it. Nora’s just a kid who lacks a lot of confidence and wants to do whatever she can in order to get to know her dad.

Let’s get over now to the main villain for this episode in Gridlock a character who, at least in the annals of Flash history, actually wasn’t supposed to be all that much of a threat. Yet, the episode culminated with the speedsters working together to keep Gridlock from taking down a plane. It was entertaining, albeit fairly classic by The Flash stards. We just give the FX team some credit for being able to pull this off.

After the fight

Basically, Nora, Barry, and Iris decided that she would stick around in the past for at least a little while — and with that, everyone can relax a little bit. Wally also decided to head back out on his soul-searching mission, where he could finish some of what he originally set out to do way back when.

Ultimately, though, there is a larger threat coming at some point very soon — after all, the closing minutes of this episode gave you a brief introduction to a man who could be the largest forced to be reckoned with so far. Basically, get prepared for a chance to see Cicada, the new Big Bad.

CarterMatt Verdict

There were a number of fun little Easter eggs in this episode, whether it be Barry’s new ring-powered super suit and then also a name-dropping for Mob Rule, a villainous team who will apparently grace The Flash at some point in the future. (As for how The Flash does the story of Manuel Lago, one part of that group, that remains to be seen.)

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