The Last Ship season 5 episode 5 sneak peek: Chandler speaks to the media

The Last Ship season 5On Sunday night’s The Last Ship season 5 episode 5, a couple of different things are going to be clear. The sneak peek below does a nice job of highlighting this.

First and foremost, Gustavo is still going to be up to some of his old, very-shady tricks. A number of different characters are going to find themselves in danger, especially those who find themselves stuck in Jamaica. Is Gustavo specifically hunting down some of Chandler’s men, or is he trying to invade Jamaica outright? Either way, neither of these are particularly-great options for members of the United States Navy. The more that Gustavo has a presence in the Caribbean getting closer to America, the more troublesome it is.

It makes a great deal of sense that people in America would be incredibly paranoid about Gustavo and his army heading north, and that’s why the second part of this sneak peek focuses more on Chandler, the President, and some other high-ranking officials doing their part to speak to the American people. A part of this features some of these characters doing their best in order to exercise caution — which makes a good bit of sense, given that they want America to be safe. Another part of it is Chandler expressing confidence that, even in spite of everything that’s happened, they will be able to continue succeeding in the war. Gustavo is a feared opponent because of his allies and his ability to recruit others (see Cuba turning their back on the United States and Mexico), but Chandler still thinks that he is beatable. We just have to wait and see over the next few weeks if he continues to feel that way. This is not a story where things are going to get better before they get worse; we certainly do imagine that there is going to be a downward spiral coming in the episodes ahead.

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