MacGyver season 3 episode 2 review: A tale of Jack’s past

MacGyver season 3 episode 2
The start of MacGyver season 3 episode 2 confirmed news that we certainly did not want to see regarding Jill’s fate. Beyond that, the story then transitioned over to a different sort of story, one that put Jack Dalton’s past at the center of the action.

Shortly after Mac formally decided to rejoin the Phoenix Foundation following the death of Jill, Jack had him take part in a complicated mission regarding some brothers-in-arms from years back. This was a fun mission to watch mostly because it’s always so much fun to see these guys out kicking butt, taking names, and eventually being rescued by Matty … who would probably tell them off at the same time for getting themselves into such a predicament when it comes to Jack and a friend in need.

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While there was a lot of action in this episode, there were some nice moments at the very end as Jack and his fellow friends tried to make a commitment to see each other again. It helped Jack realize that this was a part of his life that he couldn’t forget. Beyond that, Mac up finding himself integrated in the group after helping with the operation.

As for Bozer, Riley, and Leanna, they had a completely different mission over the night that separated them from the rest of the Phoenix. They went undercover for what felt, at least at first, like a fairly simple mission. Yet, within the world of this show nothing is ever simple, and this eventually led to some of the characters being on the run.

One of the more entertaining bits over the course of the night was seeing Riley and Leanna teasing Bozer about what his in-the-field nickname was going to be. Apparently Riley and Leanna are big Teen Titans fans; meanwhile, Bozer is apparently Beast Boy. Or, they at least briefly called him that. At the end of the episode, he evolved more to Robin … another part of the group.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that this episode of MacGyver offered up a really smart example of what the series does best: Relentless action. Yet, in losing Jill there was also a softer, more tender tone to it as the team continued to mourn. It made everyone put into perspective the friends that they had. They didn’t want to lose them. There was something quite touching about Mac getting that Swiss army knife within the closing minutes of the hour.

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