Last Man Standing season 7 episode 2: Where is Boyd? About the absence

Last Man Standing
As you start to watch tonight’s Last Man Standing season 7 episode 2, there is a question you may find yourself asking when it comes to Boyd. Where is he? The producers went through all the trouble to recast this character, but that doesn’t mean that he will appear in every single one of them.

In a post on Twitter leading up to the episode airing tonight, Jet Jurgensmeyer confirms that he will not be a part of Friday’s installment. As for the reason why, Boyd may just not have functioned in this particular story. Beyond that, there are many actors these days who are series regulars (meaning they are considered a part of the core cast), but do not appear in every single episode. This is a way for series to retain talent for lengthy periods of time, but not necessarily include them at times when the character doesn’t serve a clear purpose.

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With Last Man Standing, fitting every single character in may at times prove to be quite a challenge given that you are talking about a series here with a fairly hefty cast of characters and only 22 minutes or so (without commercials) in order to cram everyone in. That’s why there are other characters beyond Boyd who will likely be absent here and there — this happens at times with some other sitcoms. A good example of that is Stuart over on The Big Bang Theory — Kevin Sussman has served as a series regular at times during the show’s run, but he has also been absent for stretches of time. Yet, he’s an essential part of the series’ universe and it is hard to imagine the series without him.

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