911 season 2 episode 4 review: Chimney faces truths about his accident

911 season 2

Let’s talk about Bobby and Athena for a moment. On the last episode of 9-1-1 we saw Michael invite Bobby in for dinner to eat with the family and meet the kids. It wasn’t really surprising that Michael wanted to not only make Bobby feel like he didn’t have to lurk in the driveway to see Athena, but to also let her know that her choices are accepted. Was Athena ready to introduce Bobby to her kids? Maybe – maybe not but Bobby feels like he’s all in with her and the smile on his face spoke volumes.

Eddie and Christopher

We wanted to get to know more about Eddie and tonight we did. We’ve met his son and have seen how deeply his love runs for Christoper during the earthquake, but tonight we had a chance to see him at home with his son during their morning ritual: Eating cereal, doing “pushups” and getting dressed. The love he has for his son is beyond words, his smile says it all.

Eddie is having a hard time getting help for his son while he’s working and while his family is helping out where they can he knows he needs to find a permanent solution with someone that is able to care for him as well as with his special needs (he has cerebral palsy). Seeing Buck introduce Eddie to Carla was a really nice moment and we love this bromance more then we can say!

Where’s Christopher’s mother?  After what seems like a pretty bad split from the mother she’s not around and Eddie’s not interested in dating at all. Must’ve been pretty bad.

Is Athena getting promoted

Athena’s boss wants her to apply for lieutenant again after being passed over 4 times, but now that the person in charge of promoting her is gone, her boss is ready to promote her and it would be fairly immediate – like in a week. Is she going to take the promotion? She’s not sure… and Michael is confused after knowing how much she’s fought for this position. So what’s holding her back? Success in her 20’s was climbing the ladder and breaking through that glass ceiling, but now she’s in a comfortable spot that she likes. Michael tries to encourage her to take a risk, but she’s not sure – she really likes things the way they are.

Chimney’s clean bill of health

After getting another clean bill of health from the doctor, Chimney is feeling pretty good about things since that re-bar accident could’ve been way worse then it was – that is until he runs into his ex who is now married and very pregnant. This gives Chimney pause about his own life, since not much has changed for him since the accident. Is this going to be the thing that kicks Chimney into taking some new risks?

Are Buck and Abby still together?

We saw some girls flirting with Buck while he was on a call and he told them that he has a girlfriend, so even though we haven’t seen Abby, she is still in his heart and he’s not ready to move on. After his sister decides to get her own place, Buck starts to realize things are becoming a bit strange with Abby with him still living in her apartment and holding onto her while she’s living a completely different life now. They don’t talk as much as they used to and he found out that she’s in Morocco through Instagram. Is it time for him to move on? He doesn’t want to, but at the same time he’s becoming increasingly unhappy in this situation – like he’s just on hold.

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CarterMatt Verdict

If you have been missing the personal stories from our main cast then this episode was right up your alley! We had stories about almost every cast member, but the one we were really happy to see was all about Chimney. What happened to him in season 1 was shocking, and we like that it wasn’t something that he just healed from physically and moved on from like we see with a lot of other shows. We had a much deeper look into how that accident affected him and how he’s been bottling it up all this time. Maybe now we are going to see Chimney open up more and take some bigger risks with his second lease on life.

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