9-1-1 season 2 episode 2 review: An earthquake shakes up Maddie’s first day

Maddie - 9-1-1

The 9-1-1 season 2 premiere has come and gone and it did not hold anything back! It gave us romance, action, cringe worthy emergencies and two new characters in Buck’s sister Maddie (who is the new 9-1-1 operator) and Eddie the new recruit at the firehouse, but it also gave us a huge cliffhanger. In the closing moments of the episode a massive earthquake rocked Los Angeles on Maddie’s first day as a 9-1-1 operator. Talk about throwing her into the deep end of the pool!

Maddie has had this job for about 2 hours before the earthquake, but her trainer is giving her some real life lessons fairly quickly about listening to what the caller is saying, and things going on in the background more so then following the handbook they have been given.

While there is normally a lot of personal stories going on in this show, tonight’s episode was really all about the earthquake and how our team all each dealt with it. Athena was in the middle of driving someone she arrested to the station, Maddie was still in job training and our whole fire department team was at the station. With so much happening all over the city with these disasters, we thought that Maddie was going to be a pretty central force in this episode, but she was barely in it and we didn’t see her field any calls. This would’ve been a great opportunity to see how she handles the pressure of the situation and see if her intuition would’ve kicked in. Missed opportunity here.

We wanted to know more about Eddie and we got that tonight. He’s a single dad, the mother is not in the picture and his son has some physical challenges, so when the earthquake hits all he can think about is his son even though he is on the job and has to help the entire city.

We aren’t going to get into all of the different disasters that happened because of the earthquake, because it’s more of a visual spectacle that you really need to see for yourself (the partially collapsed building was incredibly cool to see). They did leave us with another cliffhanger though and that was an aftershock from the initial earthquake cause them to lose a few lives and leaving some hanging in the balance – for real we had a woman dangling out of a building as the cliffhanger. We also saw Henrietta end up in a bit of trouble, but it doesn’t feel like we are in any real danger of losing her from the show.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This was the first episode of either season where we didn’t really have many personal stories with our main cast and it felt like a very different show. We aren’t saying that it was an exciting episode, because it really was (and hits a little close to home since we live in SoCal and earthquakes are common), but what we love about this show is that the while the emergencies are exciting and we love that we don’t know if someone is going to make it out of their emergency or not what we really tune in for every week is the personal stories and that just wasn’t there tonight.

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