The Sinner season 2 finale debate: Who’s the new killer?

The Sinner season 2 episode 4 review
Who killed Marin? Entering The Sinner season 2 finale on USA in one week’s time, this is what we’re shouting from the heavens. This is the new mystery, but for now, there are no answers.

Yet, we do think that there are still a few different possibilities off the top of our head that are worth thinking about.

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Vera’s people – We know that she sent them on a mission to find Julian, and with that, it does make perfect sense that they would want to take Marin out in order to ensure that they got Julian and nobody would be able to take him back. It’s the easiest theory and the one that makes sense.

Julian himself – There was that creepy moment when Marin was on the phone, and that does have us wondering whether or not the boy chose to take action into his own hands after everything that he has been through. Maybe he doesn’t want to be taken and isolated anymore by anyone, regardless of who it is.

Heather’s father – This is one of the theories that we’ve heard out there — he is Julian’s real father and if that’s true, murdering Marin may be a way of keeping the secret. Yet, if that is the case, why make this move now … unless this is when eh started to get an inkling that she was still alive?

Maybe there are some other theories that are out there but clearly, this is going to be the thing that all of us are racking our brains over the next few days … which is precisely what The Sinner wants when you really think about it. They are all about creating this particular brand of chaos.

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