The Sinner season 2 episode 7 review: Who kidnapped Julian, and who died?

The Sinner season 2 episode 1The Sinner season 2 episode 7 did not waste a whole lot of time when it comes to offering answers to its biggest cliffhanger.

Before we got too deep into this new episode airing on USA Wednesday night, it was made abundantly clear that it was in fact Marin (who is alive!) who ended up kidnapping Julian in an attempt to bring him somewhere else. This is something that she’s been wanting to do for a while and was intent on trying to make it happen by any means necessary. Yet, we’re also seeing Vera on the other side of that, someone who wants Julian and will stop at nothing in order to keep him.

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The sadness for Julian here is that he finds himself surrounded by elements of control and has been forced, really the majority of his life, to live within that. First, it was by Vera, who wanted to have Julian to adhere to some of the guiding principles of Mosswood and to be separate from living as a normal kid. Then, you have Marin, a troubled addict who spent years trying to get herself into a better place only to struggle and stumble at it time and time again. She’s started to turn her life around, but it may not matter all that much now given that she has kidnapped the kid now when she has no legal recourse to do so.

Also, Julian learned tonight that Adam and Bess weren’t actually villains at all — they were trying to just bring the boy to Marin up in Niagara Falls and he killed them for nothing. This immediately caused him to freak out while on a bus. She eventually called Heather Novack in order to reason with her, and effectively beg her to let her run off with Julian so that she could have some sort of normal life. Unfortunately for her, there is no normal — there is only what she has and the life that she’s established for herself, and there’s no real way in which we can imagine this season ending in a way that is particularly pleasant.

At the end of the episode, Marin finally arrived at her hotel destination with Julian, where she wanted to make a phone call. Not too long after that, though, Julian was gone again … and Marin was actually dead this time.

CarterMatt Verdict

At this point, The Sinner season 2 has filled in a good many cracks, at least in terms of where Marin fits into everything and how she got Adam and Bess to try and deliver Julian to him. Yet, we have another tragedy and mystery, Marin’s death, entering what should be an excellent finale.

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