Snowfall season 2 episode 8 shocker: What did Franklin do?

Snowfall season 2 episode 2Tonight, Snowfall season 2 episode 8 delivered what has to be one of the biggest moves that we’ve seen over the entire series. It’s hard to describe it as anything otherwise for a number of different reasons.

For starters, you have to consider the setting of the shooting, which is the pivotal moment that we’re talking here. It was a park, and it was one frequented by kids. Franklin didn’t want to do this, but the moment that Kevin picked up the gun, he felt like he had no choice but to go through with it.

Beyond just this, of course you have the sheer act of the shooting itself. While Franklin has done a number of things while in the midst of his rise, killing is not one of them. While technically, he made this move in order to protect other people, it’s still going to make him a target moving forward. After all, we’ve got a pretty good feeling that the authorities are going to be hunting him down after all of this. (There’s also the question of what’s going to happen to Lucia moving forward, as well.)

Moving forward, the truth of the matter is that we still don’t know whether or not Kevin is dead. When he was found, he was still technically bleeding … but having a bullet in him doesn’t bode all too well for the future. What this entire sequence leading up to the show really demonstrated to us is how power, in one for or another, can corrupt. It can turn friends into enemies and cause problems perhaps where you didn’t know there would be.

This is a powerful episode, and no matter what happens moving forward from here, we’ve got a feeling that this is going to be the episode that changes Snowfall for good.

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