The Flash season 5: Should Andy Mientus return as Hartley Rathaway?

Piper -Over the past week and a half, we have been looking at some of the most forgotten characters on The Flashand today, we’re closing that off with a discussion of none other than Hartley Rathaway, otherwise known as his alter ego the Pied Piper.

What’s so interesting about this character, first and foremost, is that his storylines are so different depending on what timeline you are talking about. For example, in the pre-Flashpoint timeline Hartley was an adversary of The Flash and someone who eventually got away. Yet, after Flashpoint he was able to form friendships with many of the other characters on Team Flash. He was at one part an important cog in the STAR Labs operation, and with that, it was nice to see some sort of reconciliation so that everyone could actually start to move forward.

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Yet, since that point in season 3, Andy Mientus has been MIA on the series as the character, which is strange mostly in that he’s one of those people who could probably be useful in many different situations. He’s highly intelligent, he knows the operations of STAR Labs, and there is also some sort of build-it relationship that is present here. It’s not all that hard in order to figure out just how he could be useful again. Beyond that, another appearance from the character would prove to be very valuable to some nostalgic fans of the series.

As for whether or not it could happen, we’re certainly not ruling it out. We know that Mientus is a pretty busy guy, especially in the theater world, but we do still hope that there is an episode or two for him in the future. (Our dream is that there’s a chance to get him and Jeremy Jordan on the series together, but we know that’s challenging, especially since Jordan is no longer a series regular on Supergirl.)

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