The Flash season 5: Should Doctor Light return?

Dr Light -Over the past week or so, we’ve been talking about characters from The Flash world that should return in some shape or form, and today, it makes sense to shift the focus over to Linda Park … or at least her Earth-2 doppelganger.

When you think about the Earth-1 version of this character, it does admittedly make sense that we don’t really see her again. That version of Linda existed mostly to be an early love interest of Barry Allen. While we do think that there’s justification to bring back Patty Spivot (Central City does need a new CSI, after all), Linda works as a sports reporter. Also, it’s not clear if she is even in Central City anymore.

However, Doctor Light is a little more of an interesting situation given that she is a meta-human with unique powers, and someone who was briefly an adversary of Team Flash back during the Zoom crisis of season 2. She was brought there mostly via extortion — we saw her powers, we saw the Earth-1 version briefly serve as a stand-in, and eventually the Earth-2 iteration of the character took off to never be seen or heard of again.

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Presumably, Doctor Light is off somewhere relishing having a new lease on life. Yet, what if there is a situation that comes up where she finds herself in trouble, or she ends up with the wrong crowd again? Is it possible that she finds a way in which to return to villainy? We’re not ruling it out, especially since she does have powerful abilities that give her an advantage over many other people. There’s just so much interesting story that could be mined here that she remains an interesting presence, especially since she also looks just like a woman Barry previously was romantically attached to. Clearly, he loves Iris and there is no issue there, but it is an interesting tie to his past.

If there is an issue that comes with bringing back Doctor Light, though, it’s simply this: Why would she be so dumb as to come back to Central City? She has to know that there isn’t a whole lot there for her and beyond that, she’d be a target there.

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