Big Brother 20 episode 24 review: Breaking down Faysal’s ‘move’

FaysalTonight, Big Brother 20 episode 24 gave us an opportunity to witness a trainwreck in a different sort of way than the feeds.

Basically, the show gave us a good opportunity for everyone at home to see how terrible a move Faysal made in nominating Scottie — his own ally — mostly out of jealousy. The series gave JC a lot of credit for this by trying to paint the narrative of Scottie being in love with Haleigh, but in reality it wasn’t just him. Most of Level 6 has been working to paint Scottie as shady for the vast majority of the game.

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Ultimately, though, the #1 reason why the Scottie move is still so ridiculous for Faysal to make is because it’s clear that he and Haleigh were close, and if Fessy is supposed to trust Haleigh as an ally, she should also trust the people that she is working with. This is just the way of doing things that makes the most overall sense and it’s still a little bit ridiculous that he doesn’t see that. Instead, he just routinely finds new ways to get himself in trouble … somehow.

We do have to say that there is a little bit of blame to place on Haleigh for much of this, since she really should have pushed Faysal harder rather than telling Scottie to go up to the HoH room and handle this himself. There’s something more that she should have done, and we know that Scottie probably should have done more when it comes to bonding with Faysal so much earlier than he did. Maybe there was a way that all of this could have been avoided … maybe.

There wasn’t much of anything knew that we learned from this episode, and in a number of ways it was painful to watch. There was a disaster coming around the corner, and basically, all of us as viewers were fairly helpless to do anything about it. Unfortunately, Fessy for whatever reason was 100% committed to his ridiculous cause and regardless of how little sense that it made, he was going to stick with it. He’s stubborn as a rock, and that stubbornness could come back to ruin his whole game.

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