Big Brother 20 interview: Allison Grodner on double evictions, goodbye messages, and broken sinks

Big brother 20The Veto Competition is currently underway (Zingbot included) in the Big Brother 20 house, so we have a different treat for you here while you wait for results: Our weekly interview with Allison Grodner!

This week, the show’s executive producer touches on a number of subjects that we found quite timely given the past seven days in the house: Some of the questionable goodbye messages in the game, whether or not there is still a double eviction coming this season, and also how production handled Faysal breaking the sink in the HoH bathroom. Check it out below, and remember that you can also subscribe to our YouTube for daily live feed updates and also visit our playlist. The latest update video is below.

CarterMatt – I have to start by asking about Brett and Angela’s goodbye messages — obviously we don’t know how the jury is going to vote, but when you’re watching those behind the scenes are you rolling your eyes at them? It’s almost like they’ve forgotten Rockstar is on the jury!  

The HGs are taking some chances with their goodbye messages for sure. Our producers definitely remind each houseguest that they will be talking to a jury member and then it is up to them what they want to do with their message. Some people just can’t help themselves I guess.

Julie hasn’t mentioned anything about either a Double Eviction or a returning houseguest this season. Are those still potentially in play?

I cannot reveal future twists but it is rare to have a BB season without a double eviction ;).

I don’t know why I’m so insanely curious about this, but what happens in production when someone like Faysal breaks the sink? I know it’s already fixed on the feeds, but do you just have a sink repairman on standby? Is a replacement sink brought in? 

Ha! That was a first for sure. We have an awesome team behind the scenes that is ready to run in and fix whatever the HGs break. It looked a lot worse than it was.

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