Jack Ryan episode 6 review: Why do we feel the need to buy a Toyota?

jack ryanWho is going to find Hanin first? Both Jack and Suleiman are hunting for her – Suleiman wants his wife and kids back and Jack wants her to help him find Suleiman, but what neither of them realize is that she has used all of her gold to get her and her 2 daughters out of the Turkish refugee camp and are on their way to the coast.

Hanin’s journey continues

After a long journey the truck driving Hanin stops in a makeshift refueling depot. While Jack has only just arrived in Turkey, Suleiman’s guy (Yazid) has found this depot and has found Hanin, but she’s able to get the jump on him, knocking him out and running away with the girls. She’s no longer with the group or on the truck to the coast any more, but she is still headed there on foot.

The differences between Jack and Greer

They are in turkey meeting with a drug and sex trafficker who also dabbles in helping refugees escape camps for the right price. They learn that most of them are taken to the coast, but some of the women who are really hard up for money are brought to him to work as prostitutes. After Greer pays this man a ridiculous amount of money for information to find Hanin, Jack is more than a little bit uncomfortable paying someone like this anything. They get a call about the incident that happened at the refueling station and head there to see if they can find Hanin. After hearing about what happened with Yazid they head to the coast.

During this mission we really had a chance to see how Greer works and it’s pretty incredible. He knows how both sides of the game are played and can shift back and forth between the two in order to make sure they get what they want. We start to see that it would be easy for Greer to cross some lines that the CIA wouldn’t approve of and why he likely received the demotion that he did.

Speaking of Greer’s demotion we learned about that too. He was chasing a game changing asset for the agency, but at the last minute this asset turned on him and was going to have Greer thrown into a prison for 10 years to be tortured, so Greer killed the asset. Needless to say, the agency did not approve.

The coast

When Hanin makes it to the coast she sees the finish line but Yazid is there and he spots them as they are heading towards the boat. For the longest time Suleiman was yearning for both his wife and his daughters to be home, but he tells Yazid to bring his daughters home and to kill his wife away from their eyes. Suleiman realizes that if he brings Hanin home she will only be resentful and likely try to take his children away again and although we can see that it pained him to make this choice, it seems to be the only one he feels will keep his children with him at home.

Jack and Greer get there just as Yazid and his men have grabbed Hanin and her children and during the stand off they negotiate that they will give them Hanin but not the children. Greer agrees to this deal and Jack can’t believe what he’s hearing since he knows that Hanin is not going to help them if they let her children be taken. As the children are being separated and Hanin is handed over Greer takes that moment to kill Yazid and some of the men in order to get all three of them to safety.

Once they are all safely back at the base, Jack offers to help get her son away from Suleiman, but that he can’t do that unless he knows where Suleiman is and with that she gives up the location.

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CarterMatt Verdict


Let’s talk a moment about the insane amount of promotion of Toyota on this show. The first few episodes when we saw the hard brand push for Toyota and how everyone was driving them with huge proclamations of “TOYOTA” on the backs of all the trucks was a bit annoying and took us out of the story because of how obvious this push was. In this episode it went a bit too far when they rolled up in a Toyota and the drug lord said “we will take your trucks because you have the best trucks” and then went on to have a further conversation about how great these trucks are inside the truck with a giant TOYOTA sign on the back of it.

We understand that TV shows are expensive and that having product placement is part of the landscape, but when it’s being forced on you in such an obvious way they are really doing a disservice to the show and to the viewers. This Toyota push is just embarrassing.

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