Jack Ryan episode 7 review: Suleiman targets the Untied States

Jack Ryan AmazonNow that Jack and Greer have Hanin and her daughters in safety, she has given up her husband’s location to Jack in hopes that he can save her son. She has given up his location as well as some more intimate details like what side of the bed Suleiman sleeps on, and any weapons he keeps in the bedroom as the team prepares their attack to get to him. Is it going to work and is Hanin’s son going to be saved? With only two episodes left we are curious to see how it’s going to all unfold. With this being Tom Clancy, we expect that Jack Ryan and America will be victorious, but the journey of how they get there is what matters.

What’s the plan?

Right now the CIA is divided on what to do – they have a team ready for a ground attack which Jack thinks is the best way to get Suleiman alive so that they can use him to reveal where the rest of his cells are in Yemen and France, but others feel that an air strike to just take him out is the better plan and seems to be the only one the president of the United States might consider. After learning that Suleiman has 12 doctors hostage and that one of them is someone that he served with, the president decides to use the ground team and wants the doctors brought home alive.

Let’s not forget about that Ebola storyline

As Suleiman said, the chemical attack at the church is not the end and he’s been preparing for this for a long time. Six months before Ali was killed, Suleiman and his brother dug up a body of a man that has a strain of Ebola and took it… now this strain of Ebola that was said to have been eradicated is showing up again and Cathy is working this case. Her higher ups think her work is wrong since they know this strain has been eradicated, but after confirming her findings with another colleague she decides to send an email to the government with her findings and they are taking her pretty seriously.

She reveals that there is no vaccine for this strain of Ebola and they ask if its possible that Suleiman can use this a bio-weapon. Cathy says that this strain is only spread through bodily fluids and that oxygen kills it so it would be difficult to find a way to use it that way, but not impossible.

The one thing that did come out of this scene was that Cathy learned Jack was lying to her about what he did for a living, and his explanation of it being something he’s not allowed to talk about wasn’t enough to stop her from being pissed off… a little too pissed off for someone that is having a casual relationship with him. Jack later asks her to dinner and calls her out on her feelings and it seems that now they are in a more exclusive relationship. There goes our dreams of this relationship falling off the map.

Suleiman family problems

He’s still under the impression that his wife is dead and that his daughters are coming home soon. He starts to get worried when he doesn’t hear from Yazid, but one of his daughter’s hasn’t given up hope on seeing her brother again. Hanin and her daughter’s are in a safe house, but Sara has asked for a video game as a way to reach out to her brother to tell him that’s she’s in America and to make sure he’s okay. When Suleiman sees it he now knows that Yazid failed, that his wife is in America and that they are working with the military. When the ground team gets to the compound, it’s empty – Suleiman is gone and he’s moved everyone out of there except for the hostages that have been saved and brought back to America. What they realize until it’s too late is that the “vitamins” that Suleiman gave to the doctors (and they all took) were actually the Ebola virus as he knew that one of the doctors is close friends with the United States president.

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CarterMatt Verdict

For most of this season it’s been a fairly slow build which is fine with us if the pay off is good in the finale. For us we have been way more invested in Suleiman and his family then anything Jack is doing and this episode was no different. While they did manage to give Jack more to do, they still found a way to get John Krasinski shirtless and circle back to this romance storyline that we wish would just end. What we will say though is that the build up to what Suleiman is planning has been very intense and now that it’s hitting American soil he’s raised the stakes to a high level that has us pumped for the finale!

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