Claws season 3: How could Virginia survive season 2 cliffhanger?

ClawsMoving into Claws season 3 on TNT next year, one order of business feels clear: Seeing whether or not Virginia comes back alive.

At the end of the finale, the character’s future was left in the air courtesy of an enormous, violent cliffhanger — she was shot by taking a bullet for Desna right in front of her casino. This is something that we talk about over at the link here, or in our video take from last night’s episode. (Want more video discussion? Then subscribe to our YouTube.)

So, where does the series go from here? This is an interesting question given that there are some interesting creative reasons for killing Virginia off. Making this move and killing off both a character we’re invested in and also the love of Dean’s life really propels the story forward. It makes Desna thirsty for revenge and reminds everyone of the high cost of the work that they are doing. They could avoid working with the likes of Uncle Daddy and Zlata altogether, but they haven’t to date. Why in the world would we be altogether confident that anyone is changing their tune moving forward given what we’ve seen so far?

The most compelling reason for Virginia to stick around is based mostly on simply this: In the world of Claws, characters at times feel almost immortal. Think about what happened to Roller at the start of the series, or what happened to Bryce this year. Even if it seemed as though both of these characters were going to be killed off, they both somehow found a way to survive. It’s with that in mind that we think Virginia could do the same … though we’re not entirely sure how she would view the world after almost dying.

If there is one major reason of hope for her, it’s simply this: There hasn’t been any exit press surrounding a permanent departure for Virginia. With that, we’re reasonably confident she will find her way back.

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