Claws season 2 finale review: Is Karrueche Tran leaving after cliffhanger?


Is Karrueche Tran leaving Claws after the events of the season 2 finale on TNT? That’s certainly the big question we’re wondering now.

Of course, we understand that there were a lot of different things that occurred over the course of the finale tonight, whether it be the wedding between Desna and Gregory happening or the violent aftermath of it — Desna killing Gregory after he found out the truth (thanks to Zlata’s daughter, of all people) as to what she had been up to with Zlata. However, following this Gregory’s mother also had to be killed, and when Zlata ultimately turned on Desna, Dean shot her from behind. Basically, three important characters were killed off before we even get to Virginia.

Yet, we do have to get to Virginia. In the closing minutes of the episode, Desna learned that one of the few pieces of property she may have ownership over in the aftermath of all of the chaos was a casino, something that would enable her to actually get a new start for herself in a place that was fully her own. She didn’t have to work under Zlata, Uncle Daddy, or anyone else. Yet, right in the midst of her celebration, someone on a motorcycle pointed a gun at her and fired … only for Virginia to jump in front of her and take a bullet for her.

This was a huge culmination of Virginia’s journey on the show, starting off as an entitled character who nobody at Desna’s salon really wanted around. Yet, she found her place, earned their trust, and fell in love with Dean. She became someone who would give up her whole life for someone else because of the friendships and the love around her. This is something that she never would have done before. This is why, if she is truly gone, it is a full-circle moment and a reminder to Desna that there are still serious consequences to everything that she has done. She did lose a lot as a result of the Gregory saga, whether it be the salon or now one of her closest friends. She may have a casino, but what good is it if someone is prowling around out there wanting her dead? That’s certainly something that we imagine her thinking about quite extensively.

As for some of the other characters, it seems as though everything is trying to do better and moving forward — especially Polly, who is getting treatment and seems to have forgiven Kenneth. Yet, it’s going to be some time before we really know if this treatment ends up panning out.

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CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, we do think that the Claws season 2 finale proved itself to be a fantastic culmination to much of the story we’ve seen so far … though we’re going to be very upset to lose Virginia here. Those closing minutes are a reminder that right when you think you understand where this story is going, you actually don’t understand anything at all.

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