Outlander season 5: What we know so far about the future

Outlander season 4What do we know at the moment about Outlander season 5? While on the surface it may not appear to be too much, looks can be deciding!

In this particular article, we want to go through five of the different things that we know right now about the upcoming batch of episodes.

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1. Work is already being done behind the scenes – Matthew B. Roberts, Toni Graphia, and some of the writers are familiarizing / re-familiarizing themselves with some of the material, most notably The Fiery Cross, the fifth book in the Diana Gabaldon series.

2. Filming still many months off – As of right now, interviews suggest that the new season is going to begin filming in February. At that point, season 4 should actually be done airing on Starz (or at least be close to it, depending on when they wrap up hiatus). Because of it filming in February, we’d be shocked if it premieres before 2020.

3. It is going to run for 12 episodes – This makes season 5 the shortest season for the series to date, and the main reason we can think for the shorter order is that it gives some of these cast members more time off between seasons. When you think about the average length of some of these episodes, Outlander doing 13 episodes is basically the equivalent of doing 16-17 episodes of a network show, with much of it out on location and away from established sets. It’s rewarding work, but also exhausting work.

4. It will have a similar setting to season 4 – For the first time in a good while, Outlander is actually going to be able to keep a good percentage of the sets and locations that they’ve already put together. The story does still change setting here and there, but it is a little bit less of a nomadic show than it has been in the past.

5. It’s not the final season of the series – There is at least one more on the other side of it in a 12-episode season 6. At some point after season 5 production, we feel like the future of the show will be addressed more then.

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