Reverie finale review: About that Mara Kent cliffhanger…

Reverie episode 9Tonight, the Reverie finale on NBC brought a number of interesting ideas to the table — like many others this season, it was ambitious! This was a finale that showed both the best and worst of what the Reverie program can do and, at the end of the day, everyone has a chance to move forward.

Until the last couple of minutes, we actually felt as though we were getting a finale that could have served as a proper series finale. The program was set to expand, many of the kinks were getting worked out, and despite Oliver’s Hill attempts at trying to destroy more or less the world as we know it, everyone was getting a chance to move forward. Yet, then you had the glitch in the system at the very end with Mara. Was she not really there in the closing minutes with Paul celebrating the launch? We’ve already seen examples of her not really being able to differentiate between fiction and reality anymore and this could be another fine example of that. It’s a very good sign that this show is one that, by and large, is built on a foundation of keeping you guessing.

Was it an unnecessary cliffhanger? We’d say both yes and no, given that it does give viewers something more to look forward to in terms of a possible season 2. (By the way, we discuss the show’s future prospects in the video below — be sure to subscribe for more insight!) Yet, at the same exact time it didn’t really add too much to the finale itself other than a reminder that nothing is really ever perfect within the world of the show.

As for the rest of the story for Reverie one of the things that we will say is that it did a good job offering us up some backstory for Alexis, who finally started to realize that she needed to find a better sense of healing over what happened to her brother Dylan. She was put into effectively Oliver’s prison and it was up to Mara to save her. By far, this was the most challenging Reverie that we have had a chance to see to date.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Reverie finale proved itself to be an entertaining one that reminded us that #1) we still ‘ship Mara and Paul and 2) this is meant to be a hopeful show. It’s not meant to be one that exposes Reverie as a terrible thing — it was made with the best of intentions, but like with most technological advances, there are also some drawbacks.

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