Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Is there a plan to save Bayleigh? (day 49, morning)

BayleighFor this morning’s Big Brother 20 update, we’re doing our best to reflect a little bit on the events of last night. While we don’t think Bayleigh has much of a chance of sticking around, there are still arguments that some people can try to make for it to happen.

Last night, Haleigh and Faysal had a conversation about what they can do this week and if there is a way to keep Bayleigh around. Scottie and JC are two of the people that they are looking to for votes and if they can be swung around, the Hacker Comp advantage would allow Bayleigh to stay. Four is the magic number for the Hive side of the house this week; if they can get there, Bayleigh can stay and they’d rather have her than Rockstar, who does not have a power and has yet to win a competition.

The problem that they’re going to run into here is that Bayleigh has already burned some bridges with Scottie, and really the whole alliance has because of how much they’ve thrown him under the bus over the summer. They don’t really have much in the way of recourse for keeping themselves together, simply due to the fact that they have made so many mistakes so far in the game.

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So where are things going moving forward from here? We’re curious to see how today shapes up just because people are going to have to think in terms of their long-term future and the path that gets them there. The problem with the Hive seems to be that other than Haleigh, nobody is taking Tyler altogether seriously and even last night she suggested that backdooring Sam is just as viable of a move to make within the game. This is a terrible decision since she isn’t really anything other than a loyal number; you can make the argument that Haleigh doesn’t want to tell anyone, including her own allies, that Tyler is a big threat; or, she can just say that she threw Tyler on the block with the hacker comp because he hadn’t been up there before and her perception of him as a threat is largely overblown.

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