Big Brother 20 interview: Allison Grodner on Hacker Comp, Swaggy C segment, more

Big brother 20Want to know some behind-the-scenes thoughts on all things Big Brother 20? This weekly Allison Grodner interview is for you! Every week after the eviction show, we email a few questions over to the show’s executive producer, and this week’s been especially busy for her in between trying to prepare for the Hacker Comp, nominations, and more.

Below, you can see some of Grodner’s thoughts on preparing the Swaggy C – Bayleigh’s family segment on Thursday’s show, the Rachel blindside vote, and also what show-only viewers can expect from the Hacker Competition this weekend. (Note: The interview questions were asked before the Hacker Comp rules / rewards were made clear on the feeds — we explain those further in the video below with spoilers. If you like that, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more.)

CarterMatt – How did the Swaggy C – Bayleigh’s family segment come about? We see family visits often, but not one where an eliminated houseguest actually visits someone else’s family!  

Allison Grodner – It was a fun moment!  We were putting together an out of the house package on Bayleigh and had heard that the family had been talking and even planning on inviting Swaggy C to see them.  It was the perfect timing and opportunity to see this fun moment play out on camera and everyone was open to it.  Swaggy C definitely still feels strongly about Bayleigh and her family genuinely seems to be welcoming of him.  It was nice to be able to bring everyone together and I think it will be fun to let Bayleigh in on this visit on finale night.

Where does Rachel’s blindside stack up for you as one of the best ones that you’ve seen over the past few years? I’m still reeling from her reaction to it.

This whole season has been full of dramatic blindsides but this one was particularly shocking and emotional for Rachel and many in the house.  She was waaay too trusting and loyal to her side and really didn’t see it coming.  I don’t think we have ever had someone walk out and be unable to talk.  It was a genuinely compelling eviction interview and I hope she is able to get some perspective and enjoy watching the rest of the season once she gets home.

Obviously I know you can’t give too much away about the Hacker Competition, so I’m going to frame this question in a different way other than asking you what it is. What excites you about the idea of it? What could it mean for everyone in the house?  

This twist is unlike anything we have done before both in the scope of the power the winner will have, and in the style and game play of the competition itself.  We are very excited for everyone to see it play out starting in this Sunday’s episode.  The Hacker will secretly have their hand in critical game changing decisions over the course of one week.  In a split house this could significantly shake things up.

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