The Affair season 4 episode 9 video: The truth about Alison

The Affair season 4 episode 9The Affair season 4 episode 9 is not the final episode of the season, but in some ways it may feel like it due to the sheer weight of the story that is going to be told. This episode is the most pivotal one of the entire season and even potentially the series, as it is going to chronicle the moments leading up to the death of Alison. The video below gives you a small sense of what could lie ahead.

There are two schools of thought as to what happened to her: Either she committed suicide or she was murdered. Showrunner Sarah Treem has already said that there is more to her story than we know at the moment, and Alison being killed by someone certain qualifies for that. Cole already suspects Ben was involved, but we do think that there are other possibilities that are out there. Think in terms of Alison’s father, and maybe someone close to him acted out of rage over what she chose to not do in relation to a kidney transplant. Obviously Ben is a possibility, but what about that threatening guy Ben protected her from earlier this season? While we don’t think that there is a long line of characters out the door who want Alison dead, there are at least a few different possibilities.

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Of course, also remember this: Alison could still be dead by suicide and Treem’s assessment could be just as accurate. There are things we may not know about why she went through with it or what Ben said to her before leaving and losing his sobriety. We do understand the idea that she would never want to leave Joanie behind, and we also understand that if this was suicide, it was more than a moment of weakness since all evidence dictates that she planned ahead knowing that this could happen — including her transferring over money.

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