Luther season 5: Should Ruth Wilson return as Alice Morgan?

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As we start to look ahead towards Luther season 5, all of a sudden we have more questions than ever about Ruth Wilson. (Warning: There are some spoilers from Sunday night’s new episode of The Affair within this piece.)

At the end of Sunday’s episode of the Showtime drama, it was revealed that Wilson’s character of Alison had died via what appears to be a drowning. She is still going to appear on the next new episode, as that is meant to give you context and all of the answers leading up to precisely what happened to the character. We’ve heard that it was Wilson’s own desire to leave the show that led to the story being written this way and beyond that, the series was even filmed in such a way that most of her scenes were filmed early on in the process so she could move on.

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Now, let’s transition over to Luther, where Wilson’s character of Alice Morgan has (ironically) also been thought of as dead for quite some time. Yet, there is a contingent of viewers, ourselves included, that have long speculated that it is possible that this character is still off somewhere alive and will surface at some point down the road. Could she turn up in the upcoming fifth season? In theory, it may be possible, though the precisely schedule of this show coupled with The Affair is hard to precisely configure. She may not have able to do both, at least for this year.

Yet, we do know that in the event a Luther season 6 is someday ordered (which seems to be possible given how this series has a tendency to sporadically come back on the air), there could be more of a chance for an Alice Morgan appearance depending on Wilson’s schedule at that time. One of the real luxuries about a show like Luther is that it isn’t an enormous time commitment and even an appearance in just a couple of episodes would be enough to satisfy many longtime fans.

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