The Affair season 4 episode 8: Could Alison really die by finale?

The Affair -As we get closer to The Affair season 4 episode 8 airing on Showtime Sunday, we’re only getting more worried for Alison. We know that there is a fifth and final season renewal out there for the series already, but that doesn’t mean that this character is going to be around for it.

Are we getting close to the end of the road for Alison? There is some compelling evidence out there that we could be, starting of course with the narrative that we’ve just finally caught up to in the present: Her disappearance, and Noah and Cole working together in order to try and find her. The reasoning behind her vanishing does feel fairly earned, whether it be her heartbreak and rage over her father’s sudden reappearance to what’s going on when it comes to Ben, the man she thought she could love only to realize that he was living a double life. This is already someone who has endured unspeakable trauma already, and she may not think that she has much of a reason to stay afloat.

Losing Alison would make The Affair realistic in that death does happen, and there were never any assurances that the four core characters were all going to survive until the very end of the series.

Yet, we do think that there’s also such a compelling case for keeping Alison alive, one that starts and stems from the idea of redemption. While Alison doesn’t need to redeem herself to anyone, she may still feel like she needs to find a way to turn things around. After all she has gone through, it would be such an inspiring message of hope to see her happy and healthy moving into the final season. Maybe that’s not great from a drama point of view, but we do think that it’s earned. Maybe wherever she’s gone off to is really a place where she can learn more in terms of how to take control over her life and feel so much better. While we certainly do not think that she’s going to be all the way better in just a few episodes that are left this season, maybe she understands some of the tools that could be useful to her moving forward.

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